Is It Time To Consider Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are an esthetic dentistry method that can enhance your smile in drastic ways. The beautiful new smile they will provide can give you self-confidence and even be life changing in some ways. Here are a few questions and thoughts to consider as you try to decide if it’s time for you to choose

3 Common Causes of Bad Breath

Talking about bad breath can be embarrassing at first, but at Noble Smiles Dentistry we understand just how painful the topic can be. While most people feel that halitosis should go away with brushing, a breath mint, or the right mouthwash…there’s more to it. In fact, there may be some situations where your teeth have

Lowering Your Risk For Oral Cancer

An oral cancer screening can detect early signs of cancer. The examination is quick, painless and easy, however it can prevent long-term harmful effects on your body. Early detection is crucial, so it can be treated more successfully. Oral cancer includes cancer of the mouth, pharynx and part of your throat. There are many ways

Happy Mother’s Day From Noble Smiles

Dental Considerations For New Or Pregnant Moms Noble Smiles Dentistry would like to wish all moms a very happy Mother’s Day. We would like to remind you how grateful we are for all of the sacrifices that you make on a daily basis for your family. We know it’s sometimes a thankless job, so we